Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Oak Street Health

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion make us stronger. That’s why we champion it at Oak Street Health, and support Oakies from all walks of life. See a few of our Oakies tell their story.

Diversity at Oak Street Health 2020 Report

See how we’re building a team of diverse Oakies that help shape our business and reflect our communities in which we serve.

Diversity report
People resource groups at Oak Street Health

Womens PRG

The mission of the Women’s People Resource Group is to cultivate a gender inclusive environment at both Oak Street Health and in the greater community. Through the PRG, we create spaces for women to engage with one another as peers and mentors, develop leadership skills and broaden their network, and elevate the importance of gender inclusivity at Oak Street Health.

Womens prg group oak street health
Every day I wake up feeling blessed to be a part of a company that understands the importance of how good-quality healthcare impacts communities that have been abandoned by so many.
Mo’Sha Myles, Social Work Program Director and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer
Mo Sha Myles
People resource groups at Oak Street Health

Parent’s PRG

The Parent’s People Resource Group focuses on creating a forum to share experiences, struggles, discuss balance, and support each other. The group shares best practices in being successful in your career while also being a parent.

Dei parents prg
The mission brought me here, but it was the diverse group of people I work with, support for development and experiences that have kept me here. As a veteran I’ve been able to do some amazing things in my life. This is the most rewarding opportunity I have ever had.
Jerry Wilkerson, National Vice President, Outreach - Expansion Markets
Jerry wilkerson
People resource groups at Oak Street Health


Our LGBTQIA+ People Resource Group focuses on the needs of our LGBTQIA+ 病人 and staff. We believe Oak Street Health should be a preferred and desired place to work, and for Medicare-eligible adults a preferred place to receive primary care. This dedicated group focuses on three ways in which we can support this purpose: networking and social engagement through direct community support, knowledge sharing among Oakies for clinical and social support, and building Oak Street Health to be an industry and clinical care leader for LGBTQIA+ people as employees, 病人, and community partners.

Lgbtq group at oak street health
People resource groups at Oak Street Health

Female Minorities in Medicine

The Oak Street Health Female Minorities in Medicine (FM^2) People Resource Group exists to promote opportunities for education, networking, leadership and mentorship within the medical/​healthcare field. By fostering an inclusive and supportive environment, this group aims to provide the resources needed to successfully pursue one’s career aspirations and personal development through female racial minority empowerment.

Female Minorities in Medicine
People resource groups at Oak Street Health

Alliance Network

The mission of the Alliance Network is to promote education, mental health awareness, and career growth for Oak Street Health team members. Additionally, the OSH Alliance Network will serve the local communities.

Alliance Network
Being Venezuelan, I have been able to use my hispanic heritage to speak to the latino community and help them access the healthcare they need. I love working for Oak Street Health because they value diversity and I feel I have the support I need here to help others.
Rene Rincon, Outreach Director
Renee rincon
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